Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Apologies for not posting more.....

Hey everyone,

I haven't been too active in the blog world lately and I just wanted to explain why:

I've been working more this year and this whole last month has been extremely busy for me.
Also, my internet service provider at home just re-vamped their entire service policy and now I have fast internet, but at the same time, they cramped the amount of space so much that just checking email, Facebook messages and other basic functions is taking up my entire daily limit of space.  It doesn't help that in my house there are 4 people attempting to use the internet at the same time.  This translates to about a total of three hours of usage per person spread over the entire day. This equates to checking messages about 3 times a day per person.

Hence, I have about a month's worth of blogging backlogged as well as several other things I haven't been able to get done due to lack of internet.

It doesn't help that WiFi in town is also limited and extremely inconvenient for anyone needing to get anything done beyond checking email.

So please bear with me on this.  I have several book reviews that I am attempting to get posted as well as some trip report backlog from May and some daily posting type stuff.

I am also going on vacation soon and should have regular internet for at least a few days of that trip and will try to get somewhat caught up there as well.

Thanks for understanding and please keep following for more updates!