Monday, February 7, 2011

Brian Jacques

"Who are we but strolling players,
Wand'ring through the long ago
Joys and sadness, hopes and longings,
Keep us traveling onward through
The laughter and applause of others,
Who view the passing cavalcade,
Leave echoes hovering some far summer,
Floating round a woodland glade.
'Twas but a tale for your amusement,
Like my small unworthy rhyme,
Gone, alas, into those realms,
The land of once upon a time." --Prologue to Marlfox

James Brian Jaqcues passed away Sat, Feb 5th at age 71 at his home in Liverpool England.
He was one of the greatest writers of the last century, and one of my favorite writers ever.

"You will find me in Noonvale on the side of a hill
When the summer is peaceful and high
Where streamlets meander, the valley is still
'Neath the blue of a calm, cloudless sky
Look for me at dawn when the earth is asleep
Till each dewdrop is kissed by the day
Neath the rowan and alder a vigil I'll keep
Every moment that you are away. 
The earth gently turns as the seasons change slowly
All the flowers and leaves born to wane
Hear my song over the lea like the wind soft and lowly
And come back to Noonvale again." --Rose's song from Martin the Warrior

RIP Brian. You will be sorely missed.
May you find your own Noonvale of eternal peace.