Sunday, December 23, 2007

Birding and weather Fri and Sun.

I went out birding on Fri. There wasn't much around though. it was pretty foggy. Visibility up on the ridge was down to about 100yds or less. I found most of the winter species. 4 flyby Horned Larks were the highlight.

We recieved about 8.5" of snow last night. The weather is currently snowing, blowing snow and winds 10-25mph. not fun weather. The feeder is popular right now. Besides the three Downy Woodpeckers, my resident female leucistic Cardinal is sitting on my feeder.

Also this Downy Woodpecker

Well, not much else going on. I'll finish that post about Warbler ID sometime this week.
If I have a chance to go skiing, I'm going. Other than that, nothing until the Kickapoo CBC on Thurs (unless something rare shows up of course.)

Happy Birding and Merry Christmas!!

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