Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm back!

...Again, I know. The month of May proved too busy for me to even think about blogging. Now that June is almost here and my schedule is slowing down a bit, I'll have time to fill you in on the last month that I literally spent on the road, add some new book reviews (I just received the new Princeton Press Birds of India) and fill you in a little on some more things I see out on the river while I'm at work.

For this post, I'll just say that the birding is slowing down and the Dragonflies are picking up!

Halloween Pennant

I saw Green and Canada Darners, Cobra Clubtail, Twelve-spotted Skimmer and Prince Baskettail this past weekend! The Pennants are out and about and Eastern Forktails and Northern Bluets are around as well.  

As the summer goes on, I'm hoping to pick up a few more lifer Dragons and Butterflies, as well as maybe a few new state birds here and there. :)

The Widow Skimmers will be out soon. Keep an eye out for them as they skim ponds, lakes, rivers and streams!

Widow Skimmer

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dAwN said...

Well here you are! Stop Birding and get Blogging..ha ha.