Saturday, November 24, 2007

Of Fork-tailed Flycatchers, and Black-tailed Gulls.

IA is hosting some really cool rare birds right now. Among them are, 1 Mew gull, 1 Fork-tailed Flycatcher and 1 BLACK-TAILED Gull. Mew Gulls are rare, but FTFC and BTGU are the state's first records. (photos can be found at: and: )

WI had it's BTGU record in Aug of '03 and it's FTFC record around Jun of '00. We are definately due for a record. The FTFC was not found today in the usual spot. Perhaps it's feeling sorry for me and is heading my way... What would be really cool is if the BTGU wandered over this way and ended up on the Mississippi river. That would put it less than an hour from my house!
They are known for wandering. The last one wandered from Racine WI all the way down to Lake county IN.

If only I could have gone after them. But I can't drive and Mom won't drive me and I don't have a ride. I suppose the money I was going to use on gas I can use for conservation. Mike M, does that qualify it for my "Could-have-seen-but-didn't" list?

I don't know, my listing is a little different. My list tends to be more of a "could-have-seen-but-couldn't" list. It consists of rare birds only. birds that are far from their home range and were within half day driving distance that would have been easy to find. Why didn't I? No time. that's usually the main reason. The next is no transportation. The third reason is usually no money.
I can recall 3 separate times when I was within 400 mi of a Western Reef-Heron. A bird that many birders would love to have on their list. A bird that I could have found easily. Why didn't I? No time. Ah well, that's the woe of all birders isn't it? not much time and little money. If those two problems were solved, we would all be happy. Alas though. The equation goes something like this: T=time, M=money W=work. T+W=M We can change the equation around: T-M=W or M-W=T. Working to earn money costs money. Therefore W=M. The equation then goes as follows: T-M=0 birds. T+W=o birds. therefore the only equation that would work is T+M= Birds! However, having neither= (T/T)-(M/M). T and M cancel and you get W. W=Work+No Birds (NB). W+NB=M. M=T-W. Therefore, M=T+Birds. Well, that's sort of how it works isn't it? In the end, we have either T and no M or M and no T and always lots of W. It sucks! therefore we end up moderating and so: Some time (ST) = Some Work (SW) + Some Time (SM) which then = SB (Some Birds) Well, better than nothing eh?
Happy Birding!

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