Monday, July 21, 2008

Rare birds back home

Ok, I don't know if anyone who reads this checks the bird lists besides me but while I'm out here in California, a few rarities have turned up back home.

First off was a Piping plover that turned up about 20 mins from my house last week. bir
Don't you just hate it when the good ones show up when you're not there?

Next, a Lewis's Woodpecker in Douglas county. Ok, it's a million miles from my house but definitely worth chasing. Too far to go after in the time I have at home when I get back. If I did though......

And lastly, Today, a Loggerhead Shrike turns up 15 mins from my house with no rhyme or reason to it. It just shows up.
Naturally, it will have gone by the time I get home on Thurs. That's just the way things are.....

Anyway, I'm currently in Orange county California. Birding with my friends John Garret and Neil Gilbert. I've added quite a few lifers so far including Black Turnstone and Oystercatchers, Brandt's Cormorant, Elegant Tern and Pin-tailed Wydah today.
The birding's fun and I'm seeing lots of stuff that I don't see at home. I'll hopefully catch up a little bit on my blog during the 3 days I have at home before I'm off to music camp in NY.

I am sooo far behind. besides posts, I have an article for write for the ABA's "Bird's eye view" newsletter about YBC and Camp C, Write something about my trips to British Columbia and Cali, chase that darn Loggerhead Shrike and catch up on Practicing my audition piece for Music camp.... and a few other things.

I call that swamped. oh well.... that can wait til I get home..... lol

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