Thursday, October 16, 2008

Canon's newest camera does something amazing!

So soon after the release of their brand new EOS 50D, Canon will be coming out with a brand new camera.
The EOS 5D Mk II.

The latest and greatest feature on this new 21MP full-frame DSLR is...... HD Video!
Yes, that's right folks, this camera not only takes still photos, it also takes up to 12 minutes of HD video!

Here's a sample of the video capabilities of this new DSLR:

This camera will run in at $2699.00 and is expected to be available in Dec 2008.

Among other things, Subaru is now vying for the title as America's birding car:


Andrea said...

I. Want. That. Camera. Wow! That is amazing! Makes you wonder what they'll come up with next! =]

Happy birding!

Neil Gilbert said...

Chris, this just goes to show that Nikon is better. Nikon came out with the first DSLR to record video (D90) in August. Canon copy cats!!!