Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sinaloa Wren again.

Here's the latest followup post on the AZ-NM listserve. This came in less than 2 mintues ago: 

Follow-up on my call to the Tucson RBA on the Sinaloa Wren in lower Huachuca
Canyon. Dieter and Alicia Kamm and I arrived at 7:30 a.m., unaware that Rick
and Ricki Thompson had already re-found and video-taped the bird just an
hour before.

We waited nearly an hour before we heard a short burst of song from the
Sinaloa Wren on the south side of the main creek, just east of the cement
bridge/culvert at Camp Maricopa. After about 5 minutes the bird gave a much
longer bout of singing from the same area, and we moved to the bridge,
hoping to see the bird.

We located the Sinaloa Wren foraging in the vines at the base of a big
sycamore on the northeast corner of the bridge. It quickly moved into an
adjacent juniper, still foraging, then moved back into the foliage out of
view. It sang again--loud, rich, jumbled notes.

We waited another half an hour before hearing the wren for the fourth
time--only a brief burst of notes at 9 a.m. Five minutes later two school
buses of elementary students showed up to spend the morning there, so we left.

This wren, as can be seen on the video, is in fresh plumage. The black and
white streaking on its cheek patch was quite noticeable, as were its rich
rufous wings with black barring. We also noted its dark cap and broad white
eye brow stripe, very pale gray to off white breast, and dark rufous tail,
both above and below. I did not get a good look at its flanks as it moved
into the vegetation.

There is a thick understory of poison ivy all along the creek here, which
should discourage people from leaving the roads and paths in the area.
Diane's posting of Camp Coconino to Camp Santa Cruz is exactly right, and
contains lots of good habitat for this visitor. Thanks to Diane for
reporting her find promptly.

Cheers, Erika Wilson (Sierra Vista, AZ)

Again, good luck if you look for it! 

Happy Birding! 

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