Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Birding this week.

Ok. I haven't posted recently.

On Mon, I took a run down to County TB along the river to look for shorebird spots and ducks.
I then looped back around along the WI river to the Millpond and then back to US-14.
I added a few species to my Richland County list. N Shoveler, Am Coot, Lesser Scaup and Red-breasted Merganser.
All the water everywhere is high. The marsh at ST-80 and ST-60 is flooded.

Today, I heard my FOS Blue-gray Gnatcatcher and FFTYFTY (first for the yard for the year) House Wren and Chipping Sparrow.
This evening, I walked up to the field behind my house and picked up a few more Bigby birds.
3 flyover Gr Blue Herons, half a dozen Wood Ducks, Wilson's Snipe, Am Woodcock and a singing Henslow's Sparrow to top it off.
the Henslow's was also a year bird.
The only Owls that were calling were Barred. It sounded like there were 7 or 8 of them.

I'll post some pics the next time I have time.


Neil Gilbert said...

man, HESP within walking distance?? lucky!!

Parus said...

Actually, HESP has always been within walking distance. They're an easy bird around here. It's Grasshopper Sparrow that I have to look for.