Tuesday, April 1, 2008

E Phoebe

My resident E Phoebe returned on Sun, and the proceded to get stuck in the fence today. Here's some pics I took after rescuing it:

A quick bike ride today produced a flock of Fox Sparrows! Year bird #204!!
Also found (for spring birds): Killdeer, Barred Owl, Song Sparrow, Bachman's Warbler and all the usual resident winter birds.

Oh, yea, and HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!!


Squid said...

Had me for a sec there - april fool's ends at noon officially! Good one though! Send some of those Fox Sparrows up here :P.

Parus said...

Haha, "Officially" yes.
I was just a little late though. :D
I was out birding when noon came around.
That's when I found those Fox Sparrows.
Yea, I'll send some your way.

Jochen said...

Okay, lack of coffee had me confused for at least a sec over the warbler...

Birdfreak said...

Great photos!