Monday, December 15, 2008

Catching up (again)

Ok, I'm sorry. My internet has been rather shot this week and it's being super slow. This is the first time I actually got this page to load!  
Although, there hasn't been much to blog about anyway.  Last Mon-Tues, we had a huge snowstorm blow through. We received 8" of snow!  Wed, Thurs, Fri I didn't do very much at all. Sat, I went Christmas shopping with my family (aka, they shopped and I took off and wandered around to the more interesting stores), Sun was my bro's birthday and Grandma was over to visit (not sure why since we'll be seeing her next week) and today, well, that's why I'm posting now. 

Yesterday, the ambient outdoor temp was up around 40 degrees. That's pretty warm this time of year.  About half of our then 12" of snow (we had 8" on top of 4") turned to water so we now have about 6" left.  Today, I got up and the temp was 5 degrees BELOW zero. Right now, the temp is 4 degrees ABOVE zero and the forecast is that it's not going to get a whole lot warmer just yet.

Hopefully I'll get to do a little bit of birding this week.  I'm headed to Chicago on Fri and will probably be there til Sun (Grandma's Christmas party is on Sat). 
Otherwise, not much going on here.

Happy Birding! 

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