Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weekend visiting.

Well, I really didn't get to do much birding this week. In fact, I didn't do any birding at all except from the kitchen window.  Not because I'm sick, not at all.  I'm just fine in fact so no worries there.  It was mostly because of the weather.  Early this week we got hit with several inches of snow, and then the temps dropped.  
Then, on Thurs night, another snowstorm hit. This time, between about 4am and 11am on Fri, we received 12" of snow.  I would guess that a few daily records were broken then.  Our driveway now looks like a bobsled run since we had to shovel the whole thing all the way down.
Anyway, it was about 1pm on Fri before we managed to escape south. ;)  
I wish I had a photo of the device that the township guy uses to plow our road.  In light snow he uses the regular truck to plow the roads. When we get heavy snows like this last one, he takes a Grader (yes the same one they use to level out gravel roads), extends the blade, and puts a huge steel plow on the front. It's a pretty awesome way to plow snow; and you can go through 10 foot drifts without getting stuck!  I'll try and get a photo next time. It's not easy since I never know when he's going to come by. 

Ok, back to my original subject.  
I'm going to the family Christmas party at Grandma's house today and then will be visiting other family tomorrow. I'll be headed back to the land of heavy snow on Mon. 
I probably won't be doing much in the way of birding until after Christmas. When we get home, we still have some stuff to do (including putting up our tree! :D). 
I have a CBC route to run on the 26th over at the Kickapoo Reserve.  Hopefully I'll find some Crossbills! 

Happy Birding! 

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