Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sax-Zim Bog trip Pt 2: Hoary Redpoll

Almost forgot to add this. :D

We were at Morse's feeders on Blue Spruce Rd on Sun morning watching the feeders.
All of a sudden, I noticed a much lighter bird among the large flock of Common Redpolls. Libby noticed it at the same time and said "Check out that one Redpoll, it's lighter than the others."

I said "I know, I was just looking at that."

A closer inspection proved that the bird sported a small, conical bill, very light flank streaking, a rosy wash over the chest and a perfect, white rump.
It took only a few minutes to prove that my suspicions were correct.
"That's a Hoary Redpoll!!!" I yelled to the others. They quickly got on it and agreed. We quickly snapped a few photos and then took time to observe the bird closely and make sure every field mark was correct.

Note the white rump

very little streaking


It was a lifer for all of us and one we had really wanted on this trip. 
It was one awesome weekend! 

Happy Birding! 

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MaineBirder said...

Congrats on the life bird!

Very nice photos!