Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Flying to Texas

Well, I'm here at last... at 3:00am. I was supposed to be in High Island by now... but I'm not. I'm stuck at the airport.
Here's what happened:
I was supposed to leave Milwaukee at 5:15pm and get in at 8:10pm. Iain Campbell of Tropical Birding was supposed to pick me up at the airport then. However, due to some unavoidable weather circumstances, my flight got delayed, by 2 hours. Then it got delayed another 2 hours. Of course, Iain couldn't wait up all night so he suggested I take a flight the next morning. The only problem was that everyone else had the same idea. I ended up taking my original flight and got in to Houston at 20min to 2:00am. I've been here ever since. I won't be picked up until about 12:30ish today. That's a long time at the airport. Too long.

So do you want to know what goes on at the airport at 3:00am?
There's one guy across the room from me who asked a Continental airlines person something and then got mad and yelled "Continental sucks!" lol, the dingbat. Of course, the Continental guy got mad and called the Houston Police department to get the guy to quiet down. They're working it out now. It looks like for the good too. I will say though that Continental is a "No-frills" carrier. They give you the plane and nothing else. They will not put you up at a hotel if you get delayed. You're on your own. That's why I'm stuck at the airport. The other reason being that all the hotels are booked because of all the delayed and cancelled flights. I flew tonight because to wait would have set me back about 3 days. That's how much rollover there was from all the delayed flights. I hate flying in bad weather!

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