Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change in America

Ok, I don't normally blog about politics but since this is inauguration day, I figured I'd give it a go.  
America now has a new president and has turned a new page in history.   The first African-American president in the history of the country. We knew it would happen sometime didn't we? 

Obama has been wildly popular ever since he started his campaign all those months ago. 
The crowd at inauguration today was the largest in history. Over 2 million people attended. 
That's what the estimates said anyway. I'm not sure that anyone got an count that was anywhere close to accurate. 

You can get an idea of the numbers in the above photo
And the below photos

Hopefully the new administration will undo some of the environmental changes that Bush implemented but also, not make a further mess of what we're already in. 
Obama himself doesn't appear to have much experience leading but he has surrounded himself with people who appear to be highly experienced.  Let us hope that they will advise him well. 

There are many issues that I could blog about, but that's not why I'm here.  I'm here to blog about birds, not politics.  :D 

Today, I went out to get the mail and heard a distinctive "Chet chet chet" call over all the Goldfinches.  I immediately thought "Crossbill!"  Despite much searching I could not locate the bird.  But, calls are quite distinctive and usually don't lie.  I can now tick off RED CROSSBILL with a fair degree of certainty.  
Red Crossbills are not as particular as White-winged when it comes to food. They'll take most pine cones as food including White Pine, which we have a stand of on the hill above our house. 
I'll be checking that stand and a couple others in the immediate area as soon as I can

Anyway, after double checking the call on my ipod, I headed back out to try and find the bird in question.  I headed up the road to the top of the ridge and checked out the pines in my neighbor's yard.  While there, I heard another distinctive call. This time it was a faster, less defined "chechecheche."  Yes, another Crossbill. This time though, they were White-winged. 
I first heard and then saw a flock of around 15 or so birds fly right over my head and keep on going. I guess the pines in the immediate area were not suitable enough.  

Well, that's Bigby bird whatever the number is now. I have yet to tally it. 

Happy Birding! 


Anonymous said...

I like that he can help our country have a better future environmentally and economically but from a moral standpoint I do not agree....

Tucker L said...

I had the same thing happen this morning, except I was not confident enough to count it. I heard the same "crossbill" call a couple times in my yard this morning but unforunately I couldn't confirm the id as I heard it only once from a distance. Sigh.