Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finches, Woodpeckers and Eagles

The winter finch situation here in Wisconsin has been getting pretty crazy.  Yesterday, I heard a lone Red Crossbill fly over my yard, only to be followed not long after by 18 White-winged Crossbills.  Today, I first heard, and then saw a lone Common Redpoll zinging around the Maple tree in my yard. 

This afternoon, I went out birding and quickly ticked off this Red-headed Woodpecker: 

Last summer I found a pretty reliable location for these birds.  They have been in decline so reliable locations a getting fewer. 

The surprise of the afternoon was this juvie GOLDEN EAGLE!: 

Not the world's greatest photo, but it's good enough to ID. 
Golden Eagles this far south in Richland County are quite uncommon birds. Not really rare this time of year since they do wander but definitely a good find. 

All in all, I was pleased with the day's birding. Who knows what tomorrow will turn up. 

Happy Birding! 

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