Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year birds

Today, I birded my way back home from Madison.  I needed some common birds for the year so I decided to stop at all the usual places.  

The first place I stopped was Mazomanie (pronounced May-zo-may-nee) Bottoms hoping for Grouse, Bobwhite, Red-breasted Nuthatch or anything else.  All I found was a juvie Bald Eagle and this Eastern Bluebird who didn't want his picture taken: 

He was one of 8 birds present. 

Then, I ran over to Arena Boat Landing where I picked up the most species for the day. 
As I drove in, I quickly picked up the 150 or so American Robins that were hanging around the open water.  A Song Sparrow put in a quick appearance and then the resident Great Blue Heron flew over.  Now up 4 more year birds, I headed back to the river only to find it completely frozen over.  Coming back out, I spotted a lone male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker as he flew through.  A stop at the pine stand on the way out added Brown Creeper to my day list and a probable RED CROSSBILL flew over.  I wish the bird would have sat down so I could get a proper look at it. It would have been a new State bird. 

This beautiful sunset ended a decent afternoon of birding: 

Happy Birding! 

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