Friday, April 17, 2009

Golden-crowned Sparrow near Freeport, IL!!!

Must be a week for rare birds.  First the Thrasher in Minneapolis, then the Wren in Huachuca canyon and now this Sparrow in Freeport, IL.  

As usual, here's the report on IBET: 

A male GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW was spotted this morning at 10:30am. in 
Stephenson County. It was viewed by 5 of us on the 
Jane Addams Trail south 
of Scioto Mills Rd about 200 or so yards down the trail. This area is north 
Freeport and a little west. There is a fenced in garden on the left (up 
on a banked area) and the bird was in some brushy area on the right. When 
the rest of the group went there about an hour later we did not relocate. 
One person did take a photo if it needs doumentation. This is west of Rt. 26 
and north of Rt. 20. Delorme page 16. North of Duck's Misery.

Anne Straight
Forreston, IL (Ogle County)

The approximate location is here. 
Just a little ways farther south on the trail mentioned above.  

Good luck if you go after it.  If it shows up again, I'm chasing it. 

Happy Birding! 

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