Saturday, October 20, 2007

Anna's Hummingbird!!!!!

I stopped by Steve Thiessen's house for the Anna's hummer today. I arrived around 2:30 and not ten minutes later, the bird appeared. It stayed for about fifteen seconds and then headed off over the house behind me.
I didn't even get a good look. just enough time to click off a few pics and then it was gone.

Life bird #379!!!


Neil Gilbert said...

man... great bird for WI!! congrats! I don't feel quite as bad as about the mango since I see lots of ANHU every day :-)

parus said...

Yea it's a cool bird! I'm wating for the next one to show up. That RTHU in Beaver dam had us confused for a while (the initial ID was BCHU).
One of these days, I need to do a state cleanup. there's about 20 some species I need for the state and about 1/3 of those would be lifers.