Tuesday, October 30, 2007

migration is winding down

Not much going on anymore. Even the Kinglets have gone. The most interesting bird yesterday was a Woodcock that I managed to scare up. Today, there was even less. I went down and sat by the creek in a likely sparrow spot but found nothing.

You can see how bored I was. lol

Actually, I think the pics are rather interesting don't you agree?

Eventually, I headed back home. On the way, A Red-tailed Hawk appeared from behind the trees.

Such a beautiful bird.

I have to get down to Bakken's pond sometime to look for ducks. We're getting into migration season for them. Another month and Gull season should get underway. I really need to add some gulls to my list this year. My list is sadly lacking. Thayer's, Glaucous, Glaucous-winged and a few others all need to fall within my binocular view sometime soon.

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