Monday, November 5, 2007

Grey Monday

Mondays are grey. In a sense. Especially today. Grey, cloudy, windy and cold. But then again, it's Nov. The birds don't care. They're just minding they're own business foraging for food to stay warm. Hunkering down and conserving energy. They don't care what time it is. They don't even care what year it is. To them, time is irrelevant. It just passes. All they have to do is find food, shelter and stay out of the way of predators. easy right? not for the bird. How would you like it if you constantly had to watch your back while out finding food?
some of the summer birds can't find enough food this time of year. Come fall, they go south where food abounds. I'd join them if I could. Instead, I'm sitting up here shivering and freezing all winter while they watch they're backs and forage for food down there where it's warm. Do you know why so many birds run into skyscrapers? Because they're constantly watching behind them of course. :) lol

Here's a pic of me and my Cockatiel "Birdie".

Cockatiels are native to Australia but were domesticated and sold as pets. they're nice companions for a birder.
Fun to have around. They do bite though.

He loves to look out the window.

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