Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Winter Finch Forecast

I recently came across a forecast for winter finches on Slybird's blog. He's from the Cayuga area in NY.

It's pretty neat. sounds like it's going to be a good year.

It's also sounding like a good owl year too. With all the shrike reports (and the fact that I found one in WI for the first time in 8 years) I would guess that it's going to be a good boreal bird year. The Seed crops in the far north and west have almost failed and the small mamal populations have crashed. Couple that with the predicted cold winter and that should bring both passerines and predators down south.


slybird said...

Thanks for the links. I was wondering why my site was getting twice as many hits today :-P

Have finches not invaded yet down your way? Is it only a northeastern event?


parus said...

Hey Nick,

The winter finches are invading here too. Within the past week, I have seen reports of PI siskins, PI Grosbeak, Both Redpolls, both Crossbills, Evening Grosbeak, the works. Lots of Shrike reports too.
I suspect that this year will be a good overall boreal bird year. that includes Gyrfalcon, Owls, Chickadees and a few others. Anybody for Rosy-finches? lol I hope we get some of those. --Chris