Monday, November 5, 2007

Stricker's pond on Sat (11/3)

I stopped by Stricker's pond on Sat for the Ross's goose that Bart Martin had reported. Unfortunately, the Goose was not present.
There was one good bird though. A single N SHRIKE. First of the year for me. I love Shrikes. They're so cool. Bandit birds I sometimes call them becuase of their black mask.

This isn't a very good picture. The bird was across the pond from me so I had to crop this pic alot to get the bird to show up.

Other birds present were:
Lots and lots of GR & Lesser Canada, Cackling Geese.
Dozens of Mallards
Some Hooded Mergansers
a couple Buffleheads
a Common Merg
a Red-tailed Hawk
a Brown Creeper
a Gr Blue Heron

Except for the wind, it was a beautiful day.

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