Monday, June 2, 2008

Hooded Warbler

photo credit: Kevin T Karlson
I borrowed it from the cornell website page about the hooded warbler

My resident HOODED WARBLER has returned for a fourth year!!!!!

4 years ago, I had only recently added Hooded Warbler to my life list and had become quite familiar with it's song.
One day in early June, I was walking up the road to the ridge one morning when I heard it. The "Tuee tuee tweeo" coming from the woods. I knew instantly what it was. I was so surprised, I just stopped in my tracks, slack-jawed for a minute. I had never expected to add a Hooded Warbler to my valley list but here it was, singing away.
The forest at that point had been logged in the mid 90s and the new trees growing in combined with the older trees that the loggers had left standing made for perfect habitat. It was perfect serendipity. Loss of a beautiful mature forest to make way for new Hooded Warbler habitat.

Since then, I have found the bird in the same place every year.

Last year, I found a second male. He did not stay though. I have yet to find a female or any sign of nesting other than the lone male singing on territory.

Hooded Warblers are southeastern species and WI is at the northern extent of their range. They are known to nest in Southern WI but not any farther north. I believe Baxter's Hollow and here are the Northerly most nesting birds in the state. I can't say that for certain though.

It will be interesting to see just how much some of the southern species extend their range. It would be nice to have nesting Yellow-throated Warblers here!

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