Thursday, May 29, 2008

Black-billed Cuckoo!

I was birding at Baxter's Hollow today and found this Black-billed Cuckoo! The bird was soo nice, it sat right out in the open:

I also heard a Connecticut warbler call. I sure wish it had sang because ID by call is a little shaky but I've ticked it anyway.

It's looking like one of my WI year list nemesis birds will be Worm-eating Warbler. So far I've dipped twice on it.

I then stopped at Bakken's Pond. They have drawn the water level down quite a bit and there are a good number of mudflats showing. Aaron H and I are rather ecstatic! I found around 100 Least Sandpipers, ~50 Dunlin, and several SemiP Pipers and Plovers. There was probably more out there but it was raining pretty hard and visibility was poor.
I did see at least 30 Great Blue Herons though!! That's more Great Blues in one place than I've ever seen other than at a rookery!

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