Monday, May 19, 2008

A new state bird!

Anyone know this bird? ID anyone?: (Very good to those that did!) 

This was one unexpected bird. It was Thurs morning on the WSO convention field trip and the leaders had just picked out an Orchard Oriole. Except, they did it by song. No one expected what came next. We were all searching the tree looking for the "Orchard Oriole" that Daryl and Noel had pointed out when Joan Sommer, finally finding the bird, said "But it's all blue with rusty wingbars".   
6 or 7 of us (including me, Daryl and Noel) all yelled at the same time "BLUE GROSBEAK"!!!!!!!!!!!

We all got fantastic looks at the bird and I got some decent pictures.  It was fantastic!!  Not a life bird, but still a state bird all the same. 


Jochen said...

Blue Rocking Grosbeak!!!
Excellent bird!!!!!

A. said...

I knew it! A Blue Grosbeak!! Very cool! I'd love to see one of those one day.

Nice find!

Tim H said...

Blue Grosbeak, one of the first birds I could recognize. Awesome!