Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bigbying on Wed

Ok, I haven't posted for awhile. I've been soo busy.  
On Wed, I went biking around after school.  I did 15 Miles that afternoon looking for birds to add to my bigby list. 

While not new, I came across this Eastern Towhee.

Then, this Swamp Sparrow

I was very surprised to see this Osprey flying over Allison park in town. That's a new county bird for me!!

While there, I also found this Solitary Sandpiper. 
Also present were both Waterthrush, Spotted Sandpiper, Yellow, Yellow-rumped, Palm Warblers. 

On the way home, I spotted this Cliff Swallow. 
There's a colony of them nesting under the bridge on 14. 

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