Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More state birds! Mocker, Godwit and Phalarope!

Well, here's a few more state birds I added at the convention.  First was a N Mockingbird!! 
Not a write up species like the Grosbeak but it's a good state bird just the same!  We found this one while looking for Lark Sparrows and other grassland birds. 

State bird #2, lifer #1! 
Yes, it's a Phalarope. Actually, without the picture, I wouldn't have been able to add this bird. I mis-IDed it the first time around.  After a 2nd look, I quickly noted the field marks that made this bird different. I was quite pleasantly surprised!  Anyone know this one? 

Now on to state bird #3 and lifer #2!!  I knew this bird was there and was looking for it. It took me all of 2 mins to find it. When I did I said "Bingo, there's the bird"!!!  

Can anyone ID this bird?  

It's a large shorebird with a Long, straight bill

If you know large shorebirds you should be able to.  Post your answers in a comment!  


A. said...
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A. said...

Just a guess... (you know I'm not great with shorebirds!)... Marbled Godwit? Or maybe a Hudsonian, but based on the range map in my field guide and the pictures, it would seem more likely that your bird is a Marbled.

*cringes* Am I right?

Squid said...

rnph and mago...good birds!

congrats on the lifers! aren't mockers fairly regular in WI??? I'm pretty sure I saw one when I went for the GBMA.

Parus said...

Yes, RNPH! Very nice.

Try again on the Godwit though. I've seen Marbleds in TX and NJ.

Here's some better pictures that were taken by a friend : http://www.pbase.com/srfdrf/image/97414998

Parus said...

Here's the rest of my pictures:

A. said...

So it IS a Hudsonian? :-o Wow!!

Parus said...

It is indeed!! That was a bird I was wondering if I would see or not. It was lifer #415. The Phalarope was surprise lifer #416.

Now I just need a few more year birds and I'll be halfway to my goal!!!

Squid said...

ah, looking at that other guys photos it's clearly a HudWit...in your photos it looks more like a MAGO.

Parus said...

Yea, I know. When I was there, the lighting was really bad. I couldn't even get a clear picture. The bird was too far out too.

In Scott's pictures, the bird was right up close and it was at sunset.