Friday, July 4, 2008

Canada trip pictures

I just posted the first part of my Canada trip pictures:,_Days_1-3%29%3A_Banff,_Jasper,_Kootenay,_Waterton,_Glacier_NPs.html

I had some really good photo ops out there. It was fun! The best birds were definitely: 1 VERY cooperative adult male Harlequin Duck, 1 rather cooperative Grey-crowned Rosy Finch and 2 Kingbirds. 1 Eastern and 1 Western that sat still long enough to get a tack sharp picture. It was nice to see them side by side too.

Also, at YBC, among other things, we were given a photo quiz to complete. We could use whatever resources we could find but we had to answer it by the 4th day. Included in the answer, we could get more points if we could say how old the bird was and whether it was male or female. interestingly, there were 3 photos that the entire group got wrong. I guess we talked to much.... ;) lol

Here's the quiz:
10 photos to ID. 2 of the birds do not occur in WI but the rest do. Good luck!

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Birdnerdguy said...

Hey Uppie! Looks like everything is going well!

Uhh, why did you post the photo quiz and let bumblebee get a head start on everything? Haha, jk.

See ya pretty soon!