Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Elegant Trogon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I added a very special bird to my life list. So far it's the highlight of Camp Chiricahua. The spectacular Elegant Trogon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also added 46 other birds to my life list!!!!!!

My year list also broke 400 this morning. As near as I can figure, the 400th was Yellow-eyed Junco!!!!!!!

That's all for now. Internet is limited down here and cell service is almost non-existent.

The birds are fantastic though!!!!!!! I've added more owls in the past two days than I see in a week in WI.
Many more species too with excellent looks.

We also got a bird that hasn't been seen at Camp C for several years. N (Mountain) Pygmy Owl!!!!!! Heard only.

The weather here is great! It has yet to go above 95 degrees and usually stays in the upper 80s. It's fantastic!!!!!

Anyway, gotta go to a late lunch. Happy Birding!!!!

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A. said...

LUCKY! I've always wanted to see an Elegant Trogon! :-P Sounds like excellent birding!

Happy birding, and hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!