Thursday, July 24, 2008

Home again. for a few days at least......

I really am going to report on Camp C and my CA trip. I promise. Just that with back to back trips, it's hard.

The above picture was a lucky one that I got at the San Pedro river inn at Camp C in AZ. That storm was pretty spectacular.
I haven't even counted all the lifers I got at Camp C. It was over 60. That much I know.
I spent this past week in Orange County CA with my friends Neil Gilbert and John Garrett. I added an extra 21 lifers to my list and a bunch more year birds. My year list is now somewhere over 450. I have no idea of the exact number though.

CA was fun. I got some awesome pictures of some great life and year birds.
Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at the beach. You can't go to CA without visiting it's famous beaches.
After looking once more for Sooty Shearwaters (without success) we went boogie boarding for most of the time at the beach.
What's Boogie boarding? I hadn't heard of it either. It's effectively half a surf board that you lie on and ride the waves in as they break on the beach. It's a blast! And as I found out first hand, it gets you quite a sunburn...... lol

I'll be home this evening and then I'll be home for about 3 days before I take off again.
Til next time. Happy Birding!

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A. said...

I haven't commented on all your posts, but I've been reading them! :-) It's been fun reading about your birding adventures at camp and in CA. Great lightning picture, by the way! Very lucky shot.

Hope you continue to have a great summer!

Happy birding!