Friday, September 21, 2007

Millpond (Richland County) 9/20

Barb Duerksen and I ran down to the Millpond yesterday morning (AKA. the only permanant shorebird habitat in the county). (for those of you that attended the convention, it's where we went to look for shorebirds.) Unfortunately, the dam that holds the water is slowly being torn down so the habitat won't be around much longer.

The folowing shorebirds were present on the now growing mudflats:
12 +/- S-B Dowitcher
SemiP Sandpiper
Pectoral Sandpiper
Least Sandpiper
2 Solitary Sandpiper
2 L Yellowlegs
Wilson's Snipe
40+ Killdeer
1 unIDEd sandpiper spp.
20 or so unIDEd shorebird spp that were too far away to ID.

This L Yellowlegs showed up and sat still just long enough for me to digiscope him. I wish the light was better.

One of the 40+ Killdeer out on the mudflats.

There was one Sora out in the open (that I didn't get a pic of, it was too foggy).

The following ducks were also present:
14 +/- Green-winged Teal
2 N Shoveler

in the area, we also found:
Yellow-rumped, Palm, Nashville and Tennesee Warblers
Lincoln's Sparrow
Indigo Bunting
Cooper's Hawk
B Kingfisher
Green Heron
Swainson's thrush

In my valley here at home, I spotted our resident Gr Blue Heron and an unIDed hawk (probable broad-wing)

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