Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thoughts on "The unusual & the unexpected".

Isn't that what they say in the birding world, "expect the unexpected"? Well, I guess we got that.

As long as we're talking about missing birds, does anybody have any idea how the Tree Swallow population will fare next year? They took a little bit of a hit this spring with that cold spell. I would imagine their numbers would be down a bit.

As for Skeeters, I haven't seen one since Tues when that cold spell hit. I think the pewees and warblers put a dent in the population too. I'm having to sort through Pewees to find warblers in the morning. Then, finding 16-20 warblers a day, it's a wonder the skeeters have anywhere to hide.
Come to think of it, except for dragonflies, the odd grasshopper, katydid and Hornet, I haven't seen any insects since Tues.

>From: "Wayne & Susie"
>To: "Wisconsin Birding Network"
>Subject: [wisb] The Unusual & The Unexpected
>Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 19:38:51 -0500
>Wow! What a collection of wisbirdn posts lately!
>From the unusual (hummingbird deaths and woodpecker deaths) to the
>unexpected (night sounds)...
>From missing robins to hummingbird magnets...
>From group names for birds to questions about taxonomic order...
>Yes, and even from "skeeters" to "hummers"...
>What unusual and unexpected subjects will wisbirdn birders think of
>(And who says birding isn't interesting?)
>Happy fall birding to everyone! (Hurry up, frost, pop those
>Wayne Rohde
>Walworth, WI

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