Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i went birding again this evening after class and came up with 5 more species.

E Bluebird
E Meadowlark
Yellow-billed Cuckoo

My Barred Owl didn't call before I got home so i couldn't add him.
The pair of Palm warblers makes 20 species of warblers for the day. I'm thinking that's a new high for my valley.
BTW, all of the species I posted today, both in this post and the previous one, were all found within the boundaries of my valley. The Barred Owl is out there, it's just a question of freezing until I hear it. (no, I'm not sitting out there for one bird.) I might sit out if it was a Barn Owl or a Pygmy Owl but not for a common Owl like a Barred.

Tomorrow, i have to find all those warblers and more for a high of 26. i kind of winder if a Kirtland's warbler night appear one day....

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Neil Gilbert said...

dang... you and your "yard" with limitless boundaries. Done any nest-touched recently? ;-)

nice BW pics! I'm jealous about all the warblers... just TEN species in CA is considered a great warbler day. Of course, we get a LOT more eastern vagrants than you get western vagrants...

I also managed to edge you out species-wise today, with 65!