Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bird #30! Red-breasted Nuthatch!

I saw the resident Red-breasted Nuthatch this morning. That's bird #30 for the year.

interestingly enough, it's exactly the same number as Andrea at Earthbirds has:

She's doing well for a relatively new birder (well, relative to me anyway). She's got some good birds.
It's nice to see another young bird blogger like myself.

Tomorrow, Jason Vidas and I are headed out in search of a Carolina Wren, winter Finches, Waxwings, and anything else we can lay eyes on.

So until then, Happy Birding!

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Earthbird said...

Well, we weren't tied for long! ;-) It'll be harder for me to get more birds, now that school has started up.

By the way, thanks for mentioning my blog. I agree -- it's great to know there are other young bird bloggers out there!

Happy birding!