Friday, January 18, 2008

LE Owl directions

For those of you who may be going to Chicago sometime soon. You may wish to see the beautiful birds.
Therefore, I am posting the directions to the birds. They have already been posted to IBET (the IL bird listserve) so they are out in public and not hard to find.

"Via a friend whose children go the the school:

Mary Richardson Park, a Chicago Park District park (CPD)adjacent to
South Loop Elementary School:

Mary Richardson Park is inside a development in the south loop that
can be tricky to find. The crossroads are Roosevelt Rd (1200 South)
and State (0 East/West). From Roosevelt, head south on State to 14th
Street. Turn Right (west) and go one block to Plymouth Ct. Turn
Right (north) and go one block to 13th Street. The park is on the
corner of Plymouth and 13th and there is a stand of 5 or so evergreen
trees and the birds are there."


-greg neise
Berwyn, IL"

Happy Birding and good luck if you go.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Owl directions. I have a tree in my backyard that I call the tree of life. I take pictures of the birds that come there and wanted so much to see the Owls. Now I can!