Monday, January 28, 2008


I found this N Shrike perched in a tree off US 14 in the field just east of Buckhorn Ln. The bird was in the middle of the field and I was on the opposite side of the road so the pics aren't all that great. It is a Shrike though! Their status this winter is hovering around "uncommon" to "common" right now. usually they're uncommon to rare.
I do love Shrikes though!!!!!!! This one is my second for the year!! It was a good find for me because the last one I saw was a little shaky. It was one of those split second sightings that you would have to guess at the ID if it were any shorter. anyway, I'm glad I got it. I'm down to only 560 more species that I have to see before the year is up. well, I have a long ways to go, and I can't miss a single species. Otherwise I'm cooked. lol

Happy Birding!

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