Sunday, January 6, 2008

Birding this morning.

Jason Vidas and I spent the morning birding the (very foggy) SE part of the county.   We first stopped at Bob Hirschy's house to check for the Carolina Wren. No show.  Then we headed down to County JJ near Gotham and quickly found to Bald Eagles and a Red-tailed Hawk at the Cemetary on JJ.  The we swung down to Lone Rock and perused around on some of the backroads (finding almost nothing) before heading over to Bakken's pond.  At Bakken's we found some Red-breasted Nuthatches and some of the usual winter birds.  Finding nothing more at Bakken's, we "cut our losses" as Jason put it and headed over to the Avoca Prairie.  Once there we walked back on the snowcovered road looking for anything else. Some Cardinals showed up right away quickly followed by a young Bald Eagle. Then in the woods, we found a flock of easily pished in Juncos, Cardinals and Am Tree Sparrows. There were also lots of Blue Jays in the area. No Brown Creepers though.  

On the way to Madison this afternoon I spotted a N Harrier.  That made two birds added to my year list today, bringing it up to 32 species.  There's still another 20-30 species I need before winter leaves WI. At least I have a few months until winter gives out. plenty of time to find the winter gulls and specialty winter species. 

Happy Birding!

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