Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Feeder activity lately

Not much going on around the feeders lately. Not even any Redpolls or any winter finches except for the occasional Purple or House finches. The only real bird of interest lately has been this N Flicker. I don't usually see them at my feeder although they're common in the area and can be seen daily.

This picture was digiscoped through binoculars.
Here's a link to more "binocularscoped" pictures I've taken:


Happy Birding!


tank said...

Hey. I'm not really a birder...yet. Anyway, I just joined this handy site where you can record your observations and stuff. You should check it out. It's called Birdstack

Jochen said...

Cool pic!

Birding Scott said...

Great picture! I've never heard of anyone digiscoping using binoculars. It is pretty amazing that this technique works so well for you.

Earthbird said...

Your digiscoping pictures are great! I digiscope a lot through my binoculars, and it works well. That photo of the Indigo Bunting on my blog was photographed through my binoculars, in fact.

Happy birding!