Monday, January 14, 2008


3 House and 2 Purple finches at my feeder today. First I've seen since before Christmas.

No, this isn't a house finch and no the other bird is not a purple finch.
Anybody have any ideas as to what they are? (yes, this is one of my photo quizzes)

I'll even give you an idea of where I found them (extra points if you can guess where):

Well, Earthbird was the only one to answer. and she got the ID right.

The two birds are Black Rosy-finch in the first and third pics and Am Pipit in the middle one.
Location is at the top of Beartooth pass in the Beartooth mountains of southern Montana.

I wish the pics could show just how beautiful it is up there. But no number of pics can.

Happy Birding!


Earthbird said...

The first and third bird pictures look sort of like Rosy-Finches, although they're out of focus, so I'm sure. Could it be a Black Rosy-Finch, or a Gray-Crowned?

As for WHERE these pictures were taken, I'm at a loss. :-) Somewhere out west, is all I can tell!

Happy Birding!


Earthbird said...

yay! I got the Rosy-Finches right! :-) Hmmm... Is the middle picture an American Pipit?