Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birds, Bins and Birders

Are you buying your first binoculars? your second maybe? or your tenth?  No matter what, have you always had enough information about your binocs? Have you always been sure that the ones you bought are the ones you really need? 

Today, I have another resource to help you decide.  The Binocular site is the all in one information center about Binoculars. whether you want them for birding or hunting, large or small, Steiner or Leica, they have all you need to make a purchase.  

So you're new to the birding world, you just got your first pair of binocs, you want to go birding. You vaguely remember some birding spot that has an obscure name that someone told you is one of the top birding spots in the USA. Can't remember where it is or what the name is?  The Binocular site has the answer again.  This page is for you! Whether it's Bosque Del Apache, St Mark's NWR, Bentsen-Rio Grande SP, Bombay Hook, Salton sea, Madera Canyon, you'll find it there. 

So you have your Binocs, you know where to go, but you can't quite ID that little shorebird with your bins cause it's too far away. You need a spotting scope. Once again, The Binocular site comes to your rescue

Now, do you need a place to buy your scope and Binocs? couldn't find a good price online?  
Check out Eagle Optics.  They not only have the best prices, but they have the best service. 

You've had your optics for a year or two. Suddenly an accidental bump knocks out a lens, or maybe you dropped them in the water, most optics warranties will cover this. 
But what if you've had your optics for 30+ years. They've served you well and they're your favorite binocs and one day a lens goes out. Normal warranties don't cover this. Eagle Optics does! If you bought them at Eagle Optics,  not only will they fix your optics but, many times, they will do it free of charge!  Who else out there does this?  Not many if any. 

Today's Blog of the Day is:
The Bird Digiscoping Blog. The blogger is, who else, Mike McDowell. 
Mike is a birder and is a nationally (if not internationally) known digiscoper. 
Do you have a question about digiscoping? Ask Mike! 
So what is digiscoping you say? Just holding your digital Point and shoot (or sometimes DSLR) up to the lens of your spotting scope.  It's effectively the same as putting a 1000-1500mm lens on your DSLR camera for less than half the cost. 

Happy Birding! 

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