Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saw "what" Owl?

This Owl of course.  I photographed this Saw-whet Owl back in Oct when I went up to the Linwood Springs research station for an NRF field trip. We learned all about the banding operation they have and all about Saw-whets.  They are soo cute! ;) 

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Jeff Fischer is the blogger. He lives in St Paul MN and is a good birder and blogger. 


Tucker L said...

That is a neat photo. I haven't seen a saw-whet before, I only heard one once from a distance. Very cool.

Parus said...

Yea, they are cool! I got my lifer SWOW, Saw my first SWOW and got to hold a SWOW all in the same year. This year. Got my lifer in Mar, saw one in Sep and held one in Oct. And then let him go!
SWOWs are cool!