Sunday, November 30, 2008

Latin quiz answers

Below are the answers to last week's Latin trivia quiz. Hope those that didn't comment guessed as well.
I have color coded the answers: 
#10 and letter "I" do not match. 

Quiz 1.
Below are 10 names. Each in Latin and in English. Match the Latin name to the common name.
Here's the catch, 2 of the names don't have a match. Have Fun!

1. Charadrius alexandrinus (C)        A. White-rumped Sandpiper

2. Larus dominicanus (F)                B. Yellow-rumped Warbler

3. Columbina passerina (E)            C. Snowy Plover

4. Calidris fuscicollis (A)                  D. Boreal Owl

5. Dendroica coronata (B)              E. Common Ground-Dove

6. Aegolius funereus (D)                 F. Kelp Gull

7. Myiarchus crinitus (H)                G. Marsh Wren

8. Cistothorus palustris  (G)          H. Great-crested Flycatcher

9. Peucedramus taeniatus (J)        I. Botteri's Sparrow

10. Nyctidromus albicollis        J. Olive Warbler

For quiz 2, I have put the letter next to the number:

Quiz 2.
Here are ten Common names. Below them is the literal English translation of their Latin name. Match the translation to the common name.

Common names:
1. Gyrfalcon (H)

2. Common Redpoll (J)

3. Red-throated Loon (A)

4. Northern Gannet (B)

5. White-necked Petrel (G)

6. Violet-green Swallow (C)

7. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (F)

8. Tennesee Warbler (E)

9. Harris's Sparrow (D)

10. Bobolink (I)

Literal Latin name translations:
A. "The seabird who is covered with stars"

B. "The stupid one of Bass Rock"

C. "The swift mover who resembles the sea in color"

D. "The banded thrush who is always full of complaints"

E. "The foreign worm-eater"

F. "The absolute ruler who possesses scissors"

G. "The White-collared Wing runner"

H. "The Rustic falcon of the farm"

I. "The Long-clawed Rice eater"

J. "The Goldfinch of Flame"

Thanks to everyone who posted an answer.  I'll post a new latin quiz sometime in the next few weeks.  I might also post a bird trivia quiz. 

Happy Birding! 

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