Friday, November 21, 2008

WI river bottom

Today, I puttered around near Spring Green in the WI river bottoms.  I quickly bagged a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at the Cemetery on County JJ. I thought that was going to be the best bird of the day until a stop at Arena boat landing saw my FOS Snow Buntings.   Then, I got lucky. As I cruised down Helena Rd, heading back towards the river, I came to the Kraemer Inc quarry.  A quick look at the water proved that there were no ducks around but as I turned to leave, I spotted my FOS. N SHRIKE perched at the top of a small pine overlooking an open field.  

After I crossed the river, I checked out the pine stands around Bakken's Pond. No finches, but I did bag a Great Blue Heron and 8 Bald Eagles.  

Otherwise, it was pretty quiet and pretty cold.  I think the high today just barely topped 22 degrees with a windchill of around 10. 

Tomorrow, hopefully I'll have some photos and a post about a special bird. 

Oh yea, today's Blog of the Day is:
It's run by Amy Hooper from Orange County CA. She's the editor of Wild Bird magazine. 


A. ☮ said...

Wow! 8 Bald Eagles. That's pretty good! Over here, I've only seen 3 this entire year. Their populations seem to be declining in my local area; I remember just a few years ago I could see them almost every day.

Parus said...

That's interesting. We have no shortage of them here.

In the winter time, on the Mississppi (or even Wisconsin) river, it's not unusual to stand in one spot and count 100+ Bald Eagles just by turning in a circle.
I think the DNR count last winter just for Pools 8 and 7 was well into the thousands.

So if you want some Eagles, let me know and I'll ship some to you. ;)