Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Twitching" the Rufous Hummer

Yep, that's him. That's Petey, the Rufous Hummingbird. He showed up at a feeder near Madison about a week ago. Today, I finally got to go down and see him. 

I put my camera on my tripod and attached a flash to brighten things up.  As it was, I was shooting at ISO 800-1000. 

One of the problems with using a flash is that it sometimes reflects in the subject's eyes. 

Usually though, the angle and/or distance is such that it doesn't affect the subject negatively. 

I hope Petey pulls through ok. He must be using a warm air vent of some kind at night. 
He looked pretty cold this morning though. 

More of my photos of Petey can be found here

Today's Blog of the Day is:
The blogger is Daniel Edelstein from the Oakland area of California. 
Dan is a Biologist, Ecologist and Environmental scientist. He has a Masters degree from UW-Stevens Point and a Bachelors' from Marquette university.  You can read more about him here

Happy Birding!


A. ☮ said...

Wow! Fantastic pictures! That takes some skill, right there. What an adorable hummer, too! =]

Happy birding!

Anonymous said...

I had a dream about a Rufous Humingbird coming to a feeder in my yard last night. Must have been from reading this post.