Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dreary weather and some blogging changes

This is what it looked like outside the other day. Well, sort of. This photo is from last year though. The other day, the snow was coming down a bit finer and thicker than that.

I told you I'd try to post daily from now on so here you go. Hopefully, more people will read this if I post daily. I'll try to put at least something in each post. Doesn't have to be about birds, but I'll figure something out.

Today was pretty miserable outside. Winds were fairly light but the the rest of the weather wasn't so good. It was cold, wet, raining/sleeting/snowing/icing/ who knows what out there. The birds felt the weather too. My feeder was jam packed with birds today and the ground underneath was similarly outfitted. When the seed gets low enough, some of the smaller birds have figured out that they can slip up in between the roof and the side panels and actually get into the hopper itself. This little trick keeps them dry, out of the wind and rain and snow, and has a ready supply of food. Those little guys are smart eh?

Many of you know that I'm also partly a photographer as well as a birder. My photos can be pretty good but here are a couple people who are birders first and photographers second that get some pretty decent shots:



The first link belongs to my friend Tom Prestby. Tom is a birder and digiscoper who lives in Madison WI. His setup works quite well for bird photos.
The second link belongs to Nico Sarbannes (I hope I spelled that right). He lives in Baltimore MD. I've never actually met him but his photos are quite good. He uses a Nikon D80 and a Tamron 200-500mm lens with some spectacular results.

The other thing I'm going to try to do with some regularity is The Blog of the Day. I'll randomly select a birding or nature blog and post the link as well as a little bit about the blogger.
Today's blog of the day is: http://birdchick.com/blog.html
The Birdchick blog. This blog belongs to Sharon Stiteler. If you haven't heard of her, I highly recommend reading her blog and visiting her website. Sharon lives in Minneapolis MN. She's a birder, blogger, naturalist and park ranger. She currently works for the Upper Mississippi NWR system. Her motto is: "To show the world that you can be a birder without being a geek".

Happy Birding!

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